Many education professionals from un-aided institutions in the State of Telangana have been examined seemingly ephemeral affective domain of social and emotional imbalances with less concern on their welfares. It has been quite evident for years that as the educationalists always try to bring the universal respect for human dignity; questioning, dissent and differing points of view; experiencing deep authentic learning; rigorous modelling of ethical practice; acceptance of diversity in people’s behaviour, lifestyles and interests and many other such vital aspects those are needed to help transform Indian society. The primary focus of the educationalists is only on nurturing students as self-aware, responsible, and confident and built the happy individuals and Prospective Indian.

For TTLF, the quality of life, well-being, malaise of an individual is the conception with the subject that has on their situation in life, cultural context and its value system, establishing a relationship with objectives, goals, expectations, standards and concerns for the welfare of Pedagogy and its associates. The main result is the concern of our private educationalists, teachers and lecturers with the choice and organization of their life goals and the relationship that they made between quality of life with satisfaction, professional and personal.

TTLF encourages to plan our day-to- day to overcome the challenges of modern life, for example, maintain employment, financial balance, protect us from urban violence and take actions that promote our physical, emotional and social expectations. We understands that it has several routines and know how life can be fragile before completing our internal development for which we have care and wanted to be prepared in terms of life for our private educationalists, teachers and lecturers in the physical, psycho-emotional and social spheres.

In our context, the educator that is present in today’s classroom prioritizes much to their own survival with the commitment to bring up the society as a whole. Being a member of a society in which we, the TTLF strives to address the major disputes to solve the basic needs of the educationalists that are buying and consumption, the message that is constantly absorbed by the team is much more that needs to consume to “accomplish in life”.

TTLF brings up the morale in the many educationalists having feelings of dissatisfaction and even unhappiness in some private teachers and lecturers, who end up interfering directly in their personal and professional development, consequently in educational processes. TTLF is always behind the teachers and trainers while tries to bring the Job satisfaction methods through seminars and trainings to respondents.



TTLF solemnly brings forward and takes the responsibilities for the development of the employees involved in the Educational system with its robust information and ensures the welfare of the community. We take pledge with the data to bring forward to the State Government to instrumentalize and find the status of an individual in the society.

Certified Teachers

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